If your name is Mike Ho, you are not alone....

Mike Ho's of the world UNITE!

For more information, leave a message for Mike Ho at (973) 346-7349...

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03/27/2003 Entry: "UPDATE: Yet another Mike Ho!"

It's been a long time since a Mike Ho has contacted me. But good things come to those who wait, and here is the newest Mike Ho. I know there are more of you out there.... To recap, so far only three Mike Ho's have dialed (702) 995-3217 : the funniest Mike Ho (not counting myself), the most embarassed Mike Ho, and the newest Mike Ho.

Replies: 69 comments

I didn't think that i would get onto the site. That is crazy. Keep looking for more of us.

Posted by Mike Ho @ 03/27/2003 11:24 PM PST

Hi fellow mike hos i am probably the fattest mike ho contact me at
my email

Posted by Mike Ho @ 06/06/2003 07:50 PM PST

Crap! I think I left my CloneMax machine on overnight again. I'd appreciate it if you all(except the embarrassed guy) sent your collective mitochondrial DNA back to me. Thanks.

Posted by Mike Ho @ 07/25/2003 08:09 AM PST


my name is Mike Ho. all thru out high school in the late 70's when PC was not popular, i endured some teasing...

after all, the surname Ho is rather... funny, too short and has all kinds of connotations and pimp's and ho's type of attachment..

not to mention hole as ho.

am i alone on this point of view?

how do you guys cope with this rather odd name?

are you american born or foregin born?

Mike Ho

Posted by Mike Ho,,, of course, @ 09/01/2003 03:46 PM PST

if your name is mike ho you have to CALL! so you can get your voice on the web and so the rest of us can laugh at you.

poor mikeho (of mikeho.com) is rehashing the same msgs that he's had for ages.

c'mon...we need new material!

not a mikeho

Posted by not a mike ho @ 09/09/2003 04:07 PM PST

What up trick-ass hos??? The "embarrased" Mike Ho may make another appearance soon...

Posted by Friend of Ho @ 10/14/2003 06:33 AM PST

i know a Mike Ho and i told him about the website...but he said that if he wasn't going to contact you guys cause if you were ever hanging out, and someone yelled, "hey Mike Ho!" you would both turn around.

Posted by Amar @ 12/23/2003 11:28 PM PST

There are so many mikeho,it is fun. I realy don't know who is who,who I am. who can help me?

Posted by Mikeho @ 02/06/2004 01:40 AM PST

hey i am a mike ho but i am hoe!!lol well i g2g bey

Posted by mike hoe @ 02/27/2004 10:53 AM PST

Kinda strange to see so many Mike Hos out there, but kinda cool too.

I'm from Canada where we're too cheap to call long distance(kidding).

Mike Ho

Posted by Mike Ho @ 01/22/2005 07:56 PM PST

Hi there...I'm Miguel Ho. Maybe not the same...but oddly similar...

Posted by Miguel Ho @ 03/29/2005 09:48 AM PST

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